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Manuscript services for speculative fiction authors, spiritual counselors, and folks writing at the fringe

Hi there! I’m Mary, the author enabler behind Bibliomancer Editing.

Crafting a book is like mapping new territory. Just like a good map, a successful book strategically guides readers through an inner landscape. Even an immersive story or a compelling perspective can be knocked off track by rough, confusing, or wordy writing. Editing makes the subtle adjustments that bring your voice into vivid focus, so readers can effortlessly navigate your world.

But a clear, tight manuscript does more than showcase your talent – it shows you’re a pro. No matter what publishing path you’re taking (self-pub, traditional, or somewhere between), I’ll be an ally on the writing journey.

If you’re an ambitious creator who’s owning your weird (or your wyrd), I’m the editor for you.

Who I love working with:

  • authors writing genre fiction that breaks boundaries and illuminates margins

  • counselors and coaches creating nonfiction on radical spirituality and personal development

Whether you’re writing about anarchist space pirates or ecstatic trance meditation, I can speak your language. I’ll help hone your work to grab and move readers. You’ll walk away with a manuscript that’s ready to take on the multiverse.

Got an outline for a deeply excellent project, but no time to actually do the thing? I also provide nonfiction ghostwriting services. I’ll analyze your genius, match your style, and make sure your ideas go from concept to completion.

A few of my favorite things:

  • science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, magic realism, retellings

  • mythology and folklore, transpersonal psychology, eco-spirituality, paganism, witchcraft, tarot

  • LGBTQIA+ characters and topics, diverse worldbuilding

Let's turn your words into something magic!