Craft-focused editing for speculative fiction,
spiritual nonfiction, and other transformational stories

All writers are storytellers.

Some are story alchemists.

If you’re a story alchemist, your writing has a worldview, not just a plot. You believe words conjure reality, and you want to shape how readers imagine what's possible.

You also know readers aren't transformed by a series of events or ideas on a page;

readers are transformed by an immersive, authentic narrative.

But actually writing that narrative can get, well... complicated.


In speculative fiction, you may lose the heart of your story under all the details of worldbuilding, character arcs, and plot. For spiritual nonfiction, your story needs to balance clarity and structure with vulnerability and depth.

If you're not feeling the magic in your draft, you don't need to give up.

You just need to rediscover your unique storytelling vision.

Hello! I'm Mary Lanham.

I help writers create transformational stories through craft-focused editing

and creativity-boosting tarot readings.

I’ll work with you to identify the most powerful elements of your writing, the stuff with potential to become true gold. Together, we’ll distill your voice and your narrative, so readers won’t just read your book—they’ll be transformed by it.

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When I asked Mary for editorial feedback, I didn't realize that she would help me see my story in a completely new way. Mary intuitively understood my fictional world and worked with me to clarify my vision.

She deftly identified the plot points that were muddying the narrative and asked insightful questions about my characters. 
Her suggestions were encouraging and constructive, and always aimed to amplify my voice rather than insert her own.


Mary's feedback was exactly what I needed to deepen my ideas and move forward with a much stronger piece of fiction. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!

Nada P., science fiction writer

You're in the right place if...

  • you're an author writing genre fiction that breaks boundaries and illuminates margins

(my genre specialties: science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, magic realism, retellings, LGBTQIA+ characters and topics, diverse worldbuilding)

  • you're a counselor, holistic practitioner, or coach creating nonfiction on radical spirituality and personal development

(my topic specialties: mythology and folklore, transpersonal psychology, eco-spirituality, paganism, witchcraft, tarot)

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Ready to rediscover your magic?