Editorial services for visionary storytellers

So, how does this work?
Genre-savvy insight with creative respect

When it comes to getting professional support for your writing, genre matters.


Maybe you're ready to publish your literary-inspired science fantasy novel. Or maybe you're helping clients learn a deep-diving meditation practice.

If you want to develop and share your most powerful stories, you need an editor who gets your vision and your readers.

I edit speculative fiction and spiritual nonfiction because it's what I love to read. It's also what I love to write. As a fellow wordsmith, I know how helpful good feedback can be—and I know how frustrating it is to work with an overbearing or callous editor. I always strive for that happy medium where constructive critique meets creative respect.

That's why every new client relationship starts with a free sample edit or consult. This is the best way for us to see if we'll work well together, and it gives you a chance to ask questions before committing to a full book edit.​ Once we've touched base about your project, you'll get a customized proposal along with your editing sample.

Packages start at $500; sliding scale rates are available for those with need, especially for writers in the LGBTQIA+

and/or BIPOC communities.

This was an overwhelmingly positive experience for me, and the quality of Mary's edit was extremely high. It was clear that a great deal of thought went into the reading of the manuscript, the editing itself, and the feedback. My novel was certainly much improved.

I was especially impressed with the feedback letter, which included several important observations that helped me grow as a writer.

Greg Edlund, author of 3:04 a.m.

Fiction Editing Services

Hone your authentic voice and fine-tune your narrative

All great speculative fiction takes readers somewhere new, immersive, and compelling. My job is to bring a fresh viewpoint to your book, working with you to pinpoint and enhance its key elements. I'll support your revision process by identifying what's pulling readers out of the story. I'll also help you discover the underlying strengths of your voice and creative perspective, giving you tailored tools to hone your craft.

Depending on your needs, we might work through a developmental edit to streamline the book's plot, deepen character arcs, or expand worldbuilding. Or we may opt for a thorough copyedit to clarify and intensify your sentence-level language.

Nonfiction Editing Services

Increase your impact with a

well-crafted message

For spiritual creatives, connecting authentically with clients and readers is essential. A craft-focused edit takes your content to a higher level, helping you fully illuminate your message before your book reaches readers. I'll help you identify what's working—and what's getting in the way of your ideas.

I have years of personal experience studying spiritual cultures and traditions, so I'm familiar with concepts other editors may not be. You won't have to explain that skyclad is a real word or that hoodoo, Vodou, and Voodoo aren't all the same thing. Nonfiction editing deals with information as well as language; I'm no expert on everything, but I'll have the framework to understand your expertise.