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Fiction Editing for Visionary Storytellers

Hone your authentic voice and fine-tune your narrative

You've got a finished draft and an end goal for your book - now it's time to bring the manuscript in line with your vision. I'll support your editing process by identifying what's working and what's pulling readers out of the story. Depending on your needs, we might work through a developmental edit to streamline the book's structure and expand character arcs. Or we may opt for a thorough copyedit to clarify and amplify your language.

All great speculative fiction takes readers somewhere new, immersive, and compelling. My job is to bring a fresh viewpoint to your book, working with you to fully illuminate the most powerful elements of the narrative. I'll also help you discover the underlying strengths of your creative perspective, giving you tools to hone your craft.

In addition to developing your authentic voice, craft-focused editing gets you closer to your career goals. If you're looking for a traditional publishing deal, a clean, developed manuscript will give you a major edge in the query pile. And for indie authors, editing is a vital step in the process of taking your book from work-in-progress to reader-ready product. 

My editing approach

I specialize in speculative fiction editing because it's what I love to read. It's also what I love to write. As a fellow wordsmith, I know how helpful good feedback can be - and I know how frustrating it is to work with an overbearing or callous editor. I strive to hit that happy medium where constructive critique meets creative respect. When you hire me, I'll be honest with my suggestions, but I'll always remember that this is your story.

I also start every editing relationship with a free sample. This is the best way for us to see if we'll work well together, and it gives you a chance to ask questions before committing to a full edit.

For more on how I approach my editing services, check out the Bibliomancer Blog.


Services and Packages


A thorough edit for language issues and story errors, including:

  • grammar and syntax

  • small plot holes or inconsistencies

  • distracting prose (sticky wording, stylistic blips, dialogue voice, etc)

  • worldbuilding hiccups (anachronisms, technological or magical terms, etc)

All copyedits include a style sheet and two read-throughs of the full manuscript. 


Fees range from $3.75 - $5.00 per page (industry standard is 250 words per page). Price determined based on a free sample edit.

** To get the most for your money, this service is best for books that have already gone through a beta critique or developmental edit. All major plot, character, and structure revisions should be good to go.**

Manuscript Critique

Editorial feedback to help you identify your book's strengths and eliminate weak points detracting from the story. This level of feedback is comparable to a professional beta read; it doesn't include line-by-line editing, although I'll make note of especially awesome prose and places where I get a bit lost. A critique focuses on plot, structure, worldbuilding, and character development, with the goal of preparing the writer for big-picture revisions.

All critiques include a 2 - 3 page editorial letter, as well as some comments within the manuscript.

Fee is $2.50 per page (250 words per page).

** If you return for copyediting after you've revised your book, you'll get a 10% discount for services. If you decide to upgrade to a full developmental edit, a percentage of your critique fee will be applied to the cost of the full edit.**

Developmental Editing

Detailed feedback on all key narrative elements of your novel, including plot, structure, worldbuilding, and character development. This level of editing focuses on the revisions needed to fully realize your story and take the manuscript to the final draft stage, ready for sentence-level editing. While a developmental edit doesn't dig in line-by-line, language issues that affect the draft as a whole will be addressed.

All developmental edits include an

8 - 12 page editorial letter, as well as extensive comments within the manuscript.

Fees range from $6.25 - $8.00 per page (250 words per page). Price determined based on a free manuscript assessment.

** If you return for copyediting after you've revised your book, you'll get a 10% discount for services.**

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