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Manuscript services for speculative fiction authors, spiritual creatives, and folks writing at the fringe

Hi there! I’m Mary, the story alchemist behind Bibliomancer Editing.

Crafting your book is a process of discovery and connection. Writers use stories to explore imagined landscapes and excavate meaning, creating narrative maps for others to follow. Just like a good map, a successful book leads readers through their own inner journey – whether that journey is an innovative novel or a therapeutic guide.

Craft-focused editing transforms your voice and story into its most powerful expression, so readers can effortlessly navigate your world.

But a clear, tight manuscript does more than showcase your unique narrative – it shows you’re a pro. No matter what publishing path you’re taking (self-pub, traditional, or somewhere between), I’ll be an ally during the creative process, helping you dig deep and reach your story's potential.

If you’re an ambitious creator who’s owning your weird (or your wyrd),

I’m the editor for you.

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When I asked Mary for editorial feedback, I didn't realize that she would help me see my story in a completely new way. Mary intuitively understood my fictional world and worked with me to clarify my vision. She deftly identified the plot points that were muddying the narrative and asked insightful questions about my characters. She also provided extensive feedback on language choices, sentence flow, logic flaws, and other elements of craft. Her suggestions were encouraging and constructive, supported her overarching critique, and always aimed to amplify my voice rather than insert her own.


Mary's feedback was exactly what I needed to deepen my ideas and move forward with a much stronger piece of fiction. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!

Nada P., science fiction writer

Who I love working with:

  • authors writing genre fiction that breaks boundaries and illuminates margins

  • counselors and coaches creating nonfiction on radical spirituality and personal development

A few of my favorite things:

  • science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, magic realism, retellings

  • mythology and folklore, transpersonal psychology, eco-spirituality, paganism, witchcraft, tarot

  • LGBTQIA+ characters and topics, diverse worldbuilding

Let's turn your words into something magic!

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