Nonfiction Editing for Spiritual Creatives

Increase your impact with a well-crafted message

When your life's work involves guiding the spiritual lives of others, connecting authentically with clients and readers is essential. A thorough, craft-focused edit takes your content to a higher level by clarifying and amplifying your voice. My job is to bring a fresh viewpoint to your work, helping you fully illuminate your message before your book reaches readers.

Spiritual creatives are deeply connected to their work and their words by definition. All those hours of focused writing and thought can leave mistakes your eye has skimmed a hundred times, or unclear spots that jar readers out of the flow. I'll help you identify what's working - and what's getting in the way of your ideas.

I have years of personal experience studying spiritual cultures and traditions, so I'm familiar with concepts other editors may not be. You won't have to explain that skyclad is a real word or that hoodoo, Vodou, and Voudon aren't all the same thing. Nonfiction editing deals with information as well as language; I'm no expert on everything, but I'll have the framework to understand your expertise.

My editing approach

I work with spiritual professionals because my own path has been influenced by folks honestly and boldly sharing their wisdom. Writing and working outside the mainstream can sometimes take grit, and it always requires a sense of purpose and vision. When you hire me, you'll be getting a partner who respects the deep vulnerability involved in doing public spiritual work - while also offering an objective perspective.

I start every editing relationship with a free sample. This is the best way for us to see if we'll work well together, and it gives you a chance to ask questions before committing. 

For more on how I approach my editing services, check out the Bibliomancer Blog.

To get a taste of my own spiritual path, visit my personal blog, Subtle Workings.

Services and Packages


A thorough edit for language issues and structural improvements, including:

  • grammar and syntax

  • information flow in chapters and sub-sections

  • distracting prose (sticky wording, stylistic blips, etc)

  • conceptual clarity (consistent use of terms, logical organization of sentences and paragraphs, etc)

All edits include a style sheet and two read-throughs of the full manuscript.


Fees range from $3.75 - $5.00 per page (industry standard is 250 words per page). Price determined based on a free sample edit.

** To get the most for your money, this service is best for manuscripts that are past the rough draft phase. All major content additions and revisions should be good to go.**

Project Development

Writing and editing to develop a complete manuscript from existing or unfinished content. If you feel close to realizing your vision, but need help organizing and expanding your work to completion, developmental editing provides that big-picture support. This is also a good option for pros who have an archive of blog posts, newsletters, or essays that can be reworked into a book. 

All packages will be customized to your needs based on a manuscript assessment and consultation. Fees vary based on the project.

** While I can take on some rewriting or creating new content if requested, I'm not currently offering research services or ghostwriting based solely on a concept or a summary.**

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