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Tarot inspiration for your creative process

Why write with tarot?

Rediscover your storytelling magic

At its heart, tarot tells us stories. Just like the pages in a book, each card mirrors and explores a piece of the human experience. And as a visual tool, the cards are perfect for word-weary writers looking to approach their work from new angles.

Even if it feels like you can’t write another sentence, tarot's archetypal narratives

can help rekindle your imagination (and your motivation).

Each reading is tailored to your story or your experience. Maybe you need a second wind to finish your stalled novel, or maybe you want to create a sustainable writing routine.

I’ll pick 2-3 cards based on your situation, and then I’ll draw 2-3 more to see what possibilities emerge. You’ll get an in-depth PDF pep talk complete with card images, brainstorming ideas, and exploration prompts.

Whether or not you’re familiar with tarot, adding some synchronicity to the creative process opens up new vistas—and can get your writing moving again.


I gave Mary a brief synopsis of my book and my plot snag, and she got back to me with an incredible reading. It was almost as if she were doing a personal reading for each of my characters, which is something that I had never heard of before.

Long story short, she gave me some valuable seeds of inspiration, and some deeper insight into my three protagonists.

Just another experience confirming that trying new things and thinking innovatively can be greatly rewarding!

Kate Vredevoogd, memoir and fiction author

Writer's Block Reading

Fall back in love with your

work in progress


If you’re spending your writing sessions hanging out with a blank screen, this offering is designed for you. Tarot can help you work through a character arc problem, a tricky logic hole, or that plot point you can’t seem to resolve. Your reading will dig into the themes present in your story and play with their narrative potential, inspiring new possibilities.


To customize the reading to your story, I'll ask for a brief description of the block in your project. You’ll receive your PDF writeup within five business days.

Creative Revival Reading

Explore new stories and rejuvenate your writing process


All writers go through fallow periods, those times when we just aren’t creating anything—and maybe don’t even want to. But if you’re ready to get back to work and uncover your next big idea, the one you can’t wait to discover on the page, then this is your tarot reading.

We can focus on process (how to show up and get words out), or on new inspirations (finding fertile themes and story seeds). Your customized reading PDF will be ready within five business days.

Available decks:


Rider Waite Smith Tarot

The traditional standard, with classic artwork by Pamela Colman Smith.​


The Light and Shadow Tarot

A black-and-white woodcut deck by Michael Goepferd, with a more diverse cast of characters than the Rider Waite Smith.

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