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Writer's Block Reading

Reframe and rediscover your story

If you’re currently struggling with a narrative block in your fiction WIP, this offering is designed for you. A Writer’s Block Reading is a chance to tap into collective archetypes, myths, and imagery to give your personal imagination some transpersonal inspiration. This reading digs into the themes present in your story and plays with their narrative potential.

Here’s how it works: you’ll send me a brief description of the snag in your story (maybe it’s a character development problem, a tricky logic hole, or a plot point you can’t seem to resolve). I’ll pick 2-3 cards to represent the story elements that are stuck, and then I’ll draw 2-3 more to see what possibilities emerge. You’ll get a PDF writeup with jumping-off points and brainstorming prompts to help come at your block from new angles.

Whether or not you’re familiar with tarot, adding some synchronicity and unexpected imagery to the writing process opens up new creative vistas — and can help get your WIP moving again.

To create your Writer’s Block Reading, all I need is a brief description of the block in your project (around 250 to 300 words). You’ll receive a writeup (with card images!) to fuel your narrative discovery.

Two Rider Waite Smith tarot cards, the Ace of Wands and the World

I gave Mary a brief synopsis of my book and my plot snag, and she got back to me with an incredible reading. It was almost as if she were doing a personal reading for each of my characters, which is something that I had never heard of before. Long story short, she gave me some valuable seeds of inspiration, and some deeper insight into my three protagonists. Just another experience confirming that trying new things and thinking innovatively can be greatly rewarding!

Kate Vredevoogd, author of From the Same Quiver

Available decks:

  • Rider Waite Smith Tarot
    The traditional standard, with classic artwork by Pamela Colman Smith (featured above).

  • The Light and Shadow Tarot
    A black-and-white woodcut deck by Michael Goepferd, with a more diverse cast of human characters than the Rider Waite Smith (shown at right).

A tarot card with a black-and-white woodcut of a flowering tree

Ready to dive in and rediscover your story?

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